Jade Yoo

UX Designer for a Better Web

Since 2008, I have been practicing user experience design in software products, applications, websites and healthcare workplaces.

Before I got my feet wet in the UX world, I wanted to be a product designer designing functional objects. At the time, Target collaborated with product designers such as Kaarim Rashid, Philippe Starck, and other superstar industrial designers from Europe. Everyday products looked so desirable yet functional. As I got into my undergrad program, I became more obsessed with well-made modern product designs from designers like Dieter Rams, Don Norman and Jony Ive. During that time, I did two internships with Philips, where I started my first career as an interaction designer. My techniques have changed over time, but my definition of good design remains the same. Strong intent, methodical process and attention to details - this is my success formula.

I live in Brooklyn, NY. Outside of the design world, I am into making cocktails and beer, playing Go, or being crafty with my sewing machine.